What’s the difference between you and a planner?

My role is planted squarely in the realm of the aesthetic. We’ll work together very closely on the design, look and feel of your wedding, and I will source and/or make props and other décor items for you before setting up and styling the venue on the day itself. Like a planner, I am there to support you during your planning, and am always on hand to answer questions and help with ideas. However, as a stylist and creative director, I don’t take on the supplier liaison, budget management, scheduling and other administrative tasks to do with your wedding. If you’re unsure about where my role ends and yours or a planner’s begins, get in touch and let’s have a proper chat about it.

Where in the country do you cover?

I’m based in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds, but have styled stunning weddings all across the UK. I’m always happy to travel, but do ask that travel and accommodation costs are covered if journeying further afield than twenty miles from home.

I’m getting married abroad, can you help?

Yes, absolutely. My services are always completely bespoke to you and the needs of your day, so we can work together in a number of ways to design and style your gorgeous destination wedding. We can develop a style plan which you’ll be able to use with your chosen suppliers on location. You will have a detailed visual reference that we will have developed together which will help you to brief each of your suppliers and give them a better understanding of the look and the atmosphere you want to create at your venue.

If you have a planner on board for your destination wedding, I can also work alongside them. Depending on the location, I can travel to your location bringing a selection of props and décor with me, or else can style the venue using props sourced from local suppliers and vendors.

I’m working with a wedding planner, how does this change things?

Potentially not very much at all. It will depend on the planner you’ve chosen and how they prefer to work. I regularly work alongside wedding planners, and am always happy to adapt my services to make sure the overall process is as smooth for you as possible.

Some wedding planners are logistically focused, in which case we make a dream team! I bring the creative flair, they bring the meticulous organisation skills, and together we bring you a relaxed and easy-breezy wedding planning process! Regardless of your chosen planner’s style, the key thing is that I will communicate with them and with you as we move forward, and will make sure that the logistic and creative plan for your wedding work together seamlessly.

I want to make some of my décor myself, are you ok with that?

Absolutely, I love a personal touch and a couple who like to get stuck in! After our initial consultation and design planning stage, we can discuss how best you can flex your creative muscles, and which of the décor pieces you’d like to tackle yourself. My team and I will be on hand for helpful advice and top tips as you go, and can help out should you get stuck.

I need assistance with finding suppliers, can you help?

Of course! Once we’ve finalised your design brief I am happy to recommend visual suppliers who will suit the style and aesthetic we’ve gone for. Please note that final selection, booking and management of the suppliers will be down to you or your wedding planner.

How much contact will we have during the process?

It will vary depending on how you would like to approach it and the timescale from booking to wedding. Some couples like to be kept in the loop with regular updates throughout, whereas others prefer a more hands off approach, relaxing and enjoying their engagement and touching base with us every so often. The choice is yours, and I’m happy to take your lead.

Generally speaking, we will have an in-depth consultation and several follow ups while the design brief for your wedding is developed and agreed upon. While I’m sourcing, making and creating your props and décor, I will be in touch with progress updates, then with two to three months to go our communications will pick up again allowing us to have everything confirmed with about 6 weeks to go.

I’ve seen something I absolutely love – can you find it for me?

I love seeing your inspiration and helping to develop that into a beautifully personal style scheme that can be translated onto the canvas of your wedding venue. Pinterest and sites like it are fabulous for inspiration, but it’s very important to me that your wedding is a proud and unique original. We’ll take elements of your inspirations and give them a twist so they’re totally personal to you. If there is something very specific that you’ve fallen in love with, we will incorporate this into the design plan, and will use our connections to source it or else have it made bespoke just for you.

What’s your signature style?

This is not an easy question to answer! My signature doesn’t show itself in particular colours, shapes or textures. I’m more about creating an atmosphere. All of my events are multi faceted, finely detailed and deeply cohesive. I’m passionate about responding to the environment in which each event takes place, and the personalities of the people with whom I’m working.

I love layers of detail, big impact and an element of surprise.This can materialise in a variety of colours from bold and bright to a classic and muted, and a range of styles from urban chic to all-out opulence. Developing a unique personality in a world where everyone wants the Pinterest wedding is what I strive for, and how I’d like my work to be recognised.